As an introvert who hates cold calling, to the point he was almost fired for refusing to use “pushy” sales tactics, Mark Little developed a breakthrough approach to client acquisition and lead generation that 5x'd his financial advisory income, cut his working hours in half and built a book of business featuring 100 “dream” clients.

Today, Mark helps Financial Advisors acquire new clients, increase revenue and generate endless referrals WITHOUT resorting to manipulative or “traditional” sales tactics.

On this episode of Nemo Radio, Mark shares the EXACT strategy he used to build such an incredible book of business and win "clients for life" with some surprisingly simple strategies that will work for anyone (regardless of industry or profession).

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What You'll Discover:

🌱 The foundation of generating an endless stream of referrals by leveraging personal relationships and storytelling, rather than relying on "conventional" sales tactics.

🌟 How Mark transformed his business model to quintuple yearly revenue and drastically reduce his workload, all while maintaining a high level of service and client satisfaction.

💡 Mark's transformative journey of overcoming introversion and call reluctance to become a powerhouse in client acquisition and lead generation.

📚 How to leverage the power of narrative in client communication.

🔒 How to create a service model that genuinely resonates with clients by offering protection, attention, coordination, and transparency - resulting in "clients for life."

Consider this a master class in lead generation, client acquisition & retention, referrals and much more!

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